Our Programs - Accepting Year Round Admissions


Jr Kindergarten & Kindergarten (Full Day)

 Your child explores exciting childhood concepts in this ideal introduction to Kindergarten. 

Elementary School Grades 1 - 6

 Your child will begin to take more accountability and responsibility for their learning. 

Junior/High School Grades 7 - 12

 Your child gains independence through increased accountability for their learning. 

Home Education Grades 1 - 12

 A home education program that is focused on supporting passions and  pursuits of students, with a fit for learning that works best for you. 


In addition to our academic programs, students experience:


Our students enjoy a wide variety of options to enrich their learning experience.



Our students can choose between taking French, Spanish, Russian and Italian language programs that we offer. 


Students  have two art options to choose from, Intro to Art – where students  choose the material they wish to use and a product form to create. They  let their imaginations run wild as they paint, sculpt, cut and colour to  create their own masterpiece! Advanced Art – they can hone in on a  specific technique and art media to develop their skills in the area of  art and artistic design.  


Students experience and are encouraged to let themselves be their authentic selves in a positive environment. This creative space helps to allow them flourish and thoroughly enjoy this program.  


Our Cosmetology program introduces students to the skills and knowledge of the benefits of personal grooming. Students also develop different skills geared toward Cosmetology and refine their skills.      


Our students enjoy a music program that encourages them to explore and expand their musical interests and horizons.


Physical Education

Our  physical education program takes advantage of our school’s unique  location, and combines both indoor and outdoor daily activities onsite,  as well as frequent offsite programming that includes skating, skiing,  and activities in local parks and habitats. We offer two tracts –  non-competitive and competitive.



Students  explore cooking, baking, kitchen safety and more in our foods lab.   Both Intro to Baking and Advanced Baking are offered. This is offered to students K - 12.

Field Trips

Our students attend multiple field trips per year, throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas. 

Outdoor Education

A  variety of clubs, including Running that allows your  student to expand their learning through fun and exciting social  opportunities.