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Monika Eddie

Social Studies Department Head/Grades 11-12 Home Room

I’m Moneka Robinson (Eddie) and I am originally from Aurora, Ontario. I am a mother of an 11, 3 and almost 1 year olds and although my life is crazy and busy and hectic, it’s also beautiful and fun and full of amazing adventures. My husband and I definitely have our hands full but so are our hearts and its never a dull moment.

I have been a teacher for going on 11 years and have been fortunate enough to share in amazing teaching experiences from Ontario to Alberta. I have worked with Children with exceptionalities for majority of my career, in life skills programming and job training. I have taught Grade 1 to Grade 12 and have enjoyed every single moment, from tying shoes to learning trig-my life is better for having known each and every student.

I am a newer teacher at SWIS and love our staff and students; the culture is loving, engaging, fun, spontaneous, life changing and rewarding. Every day is a new challenge and the students breathe life back into the education system, we have turned it on its head so it’s fun and incredible all of the learning and growth that we see! I LOVE being a part of the SWIS team.