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“Learning is fun when I can choose my own way of completing my work.”

Summit West Independent School is located in southwest Calgary at the corner of 22x and 53 Street West. Summit West Independent School offers an individualized self-directed learning approach for tomorrow’s leaders that nurtures lifelong learning, engaged thinkers and ethical citizens within a spirit of entrepreneurialism.

We offer a full-time kindergarten program for children in a play-based environment. Students are introduced to letters, numbers, and reading readiness through activities they choose based on their interests. Children are engaged and have fun while learning the fundamentals that will form a solid foundation for their future. We also provide learning through music, physical education activities, and field trips.

Our kindergarten to grade four program teaches students how to use their interests to complete objectives through our student-directed program. They learn how to make good choices in their learning through teaching styles and use their personal interests to keep school fun!

The grade 5-12 program at Summit West challenges students to become more responsible learners by providing them with more choice in their learning. Students determine how long they need to complete their objectives, how they are going to learn the material, and how they will show what they have learned. Through collaboration with teachers and peers, students learn to use resources effectively and how to manage their time effectively.

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