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Nicole Hauck

Grades 6-8

I am Nicole Hauck, with positive energy and excitement. Joining Summit West Independent School in 2017 and being in the classroom with grades 6-8, provided me a warm welcoming atmosphere, which was and still is breathtaking and has made me often speechless. Students teach me daily about choices they make: how, when, why, what and where to learn. I support their learning in a safe environment with a great deal of encouragement.
I am open-minded well-rounded Educator in many aspects of Education with multiple projects, especially to foster the self-directed learning approach with a great deal of collaboration. Helping children grow comes to my mind when I come to school every day. My focus is to create open minded and self-driven students who can approach the task ahead with flying colours, and always have ways to find the answer in the question.
I am born and raised overseas, in Germany. Starting 11 years ago in a private Vocational College taught me one thing: You always learn day by day, and never stop learning. I learned that my English was not that great, so actions speak louder than words and I went back to learn the language of English more in depth. The two-way approach of learning the language and speaking to students every day was a good choice. We learned from each other. The students learned from me everything about Cosmetology (Hair and Aesthetics) and I learned the language even faster. Making mistakes while speaking the language allowed me to build and to maintain relationships with students, parents and staff, until today. What am I bringing with me to the school: being a life-long learner in all aspects.
I was introduced to the student-directed learning approach in theory in university, which I decided to visit again, in order to become recognized as a Canadian Teacher with an additional Fine Arts (Visual Arts) Degree. Now, the next logical step was to work for a school that embraces what I have learned and experienced, and I found this at Summit West Independent School.