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A little history:

The SWIS Education Society was established and operates as a School Council in the Province of Alberta for purposes of advancement of education. Membership is open to all families who have children attending Summit West Independent School (SWIS).

As a School Council, we may advise the principal and the Board respecting any matter relating to the school, and operate autonomous to the Independent School Authority Ltd/Summit West Independent School entity.

SWIS Education Society controls the funds and the decision making process for any and all disbursements of the school council and spends funds raised for the benefit of the students.


Our objectives as a charitable society are to advance the education of students attending Summit West Independent School by:

a) Purchasing educational supplies and equipment to be used by the students and teachers;
b) Funding extracurricular activities and other projects to enhance the educational experience of students; and
c) Providing bursaries to student’s whose families cannot afford the entire school fees and meet the bursary requirements.