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Brad Masterson

Principal & Grade 9-12 Teacher

I’m Brad Masterson, a native of Calgary and a true Canadian! With my wonderful wife, two crazy teenagers and a couple of dogs, my life is constantly on the go. I have learned to survive in a fast paced and evolving lifestyle, adapting at every turn, and loving every minute of it!

I’ve used my many years of leadership and educational experience doing what I love with students and the broader school community to create a passion for learning and a desire for self improvement. Relationships with peers, teachers, parents, and with learning are all quite relevant and equal in importance. I jump out of bed with a big smile on my face each morning because seeing the results of fostered relationships growing and evolving every day is truly remarkable.

This is more than a job; I’m on a mission to create our next generation of leaders based on a self-directed approach. Having sent off our first high school graduating class last year has given me a sense of satisfaction and the forward drive from knowing that what I am doing, is clearly working. Teaching is reflective by nature, and what worked last year can and will be different this year. I am excited for the changes, but more so, I cannot express enough, the gratitude I have for our dedicated teaching and support staff, and our families, in making the dream of SWIS a reality!