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    Please note:
    Effective September 4, 2018 the SWIS uniform standards will consist of the following:


  • Students are required to wear a collared shirt with the SWIS logo available in black, white, burgundy, or the new colours, cobalt blue and deep purple. There are many fabrics to choose from, please visit the uniform provider website Lands’ End for more information.

Pants and Skirts

  • Students may choose to wear any pants or skirts as long as they meet the following criteria: not see-through, no holes, and not dirty. The pants or skirt must cover the entire backside, and skirts need to be an appropriate length.

Shoes and Socks

  • Students may choose any shoes or socks, colour is not important. Shoes must cover the students’ toes in accordance with the Alberta Health and Safety policy.

Jackets, Sweaters or Hoodies

    Jackets, sweaters, or hoodies with the SWIS logo may be worn over the SWIS collared shirt.

Gym Strip

  • Gym strip is a grey or purple t-shirt with the SWIS logo, athletic pants or shorts of any color, and athletic shoes.

Uniform Providers

  • Uniforms are provided by Lands End, on line ordering at the following website, Lands’ End. Our preferred school number is 900167644. All items on the Lands End website, including items found in the Business Outfitters division, are available for ordering as long as the item has a collar and is one of the school colours indicated above. You will need to call Lands End to order the items that are not on our preferred school list.
  • Uniforms are also supplied by Elegant Design for in-store ordering. Their showroom is located at Bay 11 – 1420 40 Ave NE.