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Why do we have a uniform?

  • Summit West Independent School has chosen a uniform to encourage a sense of belonging and equality for the school community, and to reduce distractions and peer pressure. 

Does the uniform limit accessories, hair colour, piercings or tattoos?

  • Our students are encouraged to express their individuality through their choice in accessories, hair style and colour and piercings/tattoos. Within reason, we do not limit student choice for accessories like belts, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, earrings, etc. Hats are not permitted in the classroom.

Who supplies our uniform?

  • Our uniform is supplied by Elegant Design. Their showroom is located at Bay 11 – 1420 40 Ave NE. Please note that while we transition suppliers, Elegant Design may have to order items in, or may have a delay on certain items. Please be patient with everyone as we move forward! Ed will make every effort to stock as many items for trying on as possible. Elegant Design also offers in house alterations for a small cost on their stock.

What can I expect to spend?

  • Families  can expect to spend an average of $150-300/year per student on uniform items. By switching to a local supplier, families are able to start with a basic uniform and add pieces throughout the year as needed. Switching has also brought our costs down considerably, as reflected in savings based on exchange rate, shipping and duty fees.

What about casual day?

  • Like most schools, we ask that casual day attire not include clothing with inappropriate slogans, graphics or language, sleeveless/strapless shirts, muscle shirts or tank tops with narrow straps, or exposed midriffs. Skirts and shorts must fall within our length requirements for skirts and shorts in our regular uniform.


  • Old uniform pieces will be “grandfathered” in – replenish sizes and replace worn items as needed. Elegant Design is allowing us to offer some new fabrics, which will wash and wear better than Land’s End. The only exception is the “bunnyhug” style hoodies, and sweatshirts from Land’s End, which will remain acceptable for gym class only.
  • All top layer items must have the SWIS logo on them. Kilts and tunics will also have our logo/initials on them. Pants, gym shorts, and gym pants do not require a logo.
  • All items in the basic uniform and optional items are permissible in the classroom, including the new hoodie and soft shell jacket.
  • Gym uniform is mandatory for Grade 7-12 students. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 are encouraged to wear their classroom uniform for daily gym. If a student wishes to change into a gym uniform, they will be given the time to do so.
  • The Summit West Education Society will still gladly accept your gently used uniform pieces for resale, with all funds going back to the Society. Please wash all items before donating.
  • Uniform pieces must be kept clean and in good repair – no rips, tears, or stains are permitted. We understand that keeping pant knees free of holes can be challenging in younger students, so we ask that parents use their best judgement in replacing these items as they wear out or become damaged.
  • Modesty shorts are permitted beneath kilts and tunics.
  • Camisole layering (for length) is not permitted. Please ensure the polo shirts you purchase are long enough that your student is comfortable.
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