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Tracey Forrester

Admin & Learning Assistant

I cannot express how excited I am to be part of the Summit West Independent School community. Through over eight years of experience with the student-directed learning program, the students have proven time and time again how a program that empowers them to take risks and have ownership over their learning fosters an environment that nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit.

It is amazing to be amongst students who are motivated by choice in the educational system. Their passion areas and interests are valued as they actively seek their own way through the curriculum. Our goal is to cultivate the students’ ability to learn rather than to absorb new information. This creates an energetic environment where students are the teachers and “teachers” are coaches and community members who support student learning.

I have three beautiful girls who are beginning their educational journey with SWIS. I feel blessed to be part of such an empowering program to all students, including my own. My wish is to continue to share this unique learning program with students, parents and staff to inspire our future leaders to be thoughtful and ethical citizens.